Keynote Speaker: Matika Wilbur

This was one of the most impactful PDP events I attended. Matika Wilbur is a photographer that traveled all around the country for Project 562 in order to document the lives of real Native Americans and change the way they're portrayed. She gave us a presentation on her journey and on how America can change … Continue reading Keynote Speaker: Matika Wilbur


Cardboard City

Cardboard City is a popular Honors tradition in which students spend the night outside in a cardboard box in order to raise awareness and empathy for the homeless. I chose to participate in Cardboard City because I don't know a lot about or pay a lot of attention to the homeless in my community, so … Continue reading Cardboard City

Sim City

Sim City was another activity that was kept a secret until we actually began. This activity was a diversity simulation, but it was framed as a competition. I chose Sim City because I hadn't always participated in events put on by different groups in Larzelere, and this sounded like a fun way to take part … Continue reading Sim City

No-Sweets Month

I pledged not to eat any sweets for the month of October. This was my most difficult PDP. Since arriving at college, I have taken full advantage of the easily accessible desserts at the cafeteria, the local convenience store, and Insomnia Cookies ordered straight to my room. However, my personal fitness and well-being is still … Continue reading No-Sweets Month